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Knackly Feature Release – New Take on Client Intakes

Knackly Feature Release – New Take on Client Intakes Knackly is proud to announce a new feature in our already-advanced client intakes: with our new enhancement, you can now offer a white-glove treatment to your clients by starting the intake for them. Your staff will be able to start an intake within your office and […]


Saving Money with Knackly: A Legal Document Assembly Software

Saving money is the biggest reason clients come to us at Knackly; like you, our clients are keenly aware that time is money, and that every minute of inefficiency and every mistake in a document is lost time that directly impacts your wallet. Knackly as a legal document assembly software is designed to save you […]


Optimizing Workflow in Your Firm

Workflow is essentially the system of how work “flows” through your office – all the steps that happen between when a client first contacts you and when you close their file. While we’d all like our workflow and office systems to be smooth, efficient processes that run with little manual interference, the truth is that […]


Microsoft Word Document Automation

One of the fastest ways to increase efficiency in your firm is to improve the synergy of your systems. When you don’t have to waste time re-entering information or explaining concepts multiple times, your office gets work done faster and your productivity shoots through the roof. Synergy among the programs you use most is a […]


Knackly Feature Release – External Intakes – The Next Level

 You already know that Knackly saves you time by allowing your clients to fill out their information online through our secure external intake. These intakes ensure the information in your documents is exactly as your client enters it – no more misspelled names or wrong addresses, no more squinting at difficult handwriting to try […]


Document Creation Software

How is your customer satisfaction? Do you really know? According to Mary Shulzhenko, almost all dissatisfied customers, 91% of them, leave a business without complaining. Nearly all of your under-served or unhappy clients will leave for your competitors without letting you know a) that they’re leaving, and b) why they’re leaving. As I’m sure you […]


Customizable Legal Document Drafting Software

When looking into legal document drafting software, it can bring some concerns. Often the main concern is, will the documents be customized enough to meet my needs and my clients’ needs? With our 20 plus years of experience in document automation, we have seen that using a legal document drafting software enables documents to be […]


Automated Legal Forms for ALL Your Needs

A question you should ask when looking into automated legal forms is, can this handle all my needs? Can it do complex documents, or does it work best with simpler documents? Knackly is a document automation software that can meet all your automated legal forms needs from simple to complex documents. Knackly enables you to […]



Our main goal with Knackly is to solve the problems that we’ve repeatedly experienced using HotDocs and other document automation software. These are the problems we’ve seen and how Knackly is addressing these problems. The actual programming takes far too long. For example, if a bank asked us to automate a set of loan documents, […]