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Problems with Using Microsoft Word Mail Merge for Automation

Using Microsoft Word Mail Merge features to automate documents can present you with several challenges. One of the main challenges is you cannot gather new data effectively. Since the data is stored in one place, and you use Word for the document, it can be hard to merge the data. When new data is acquired […]


Sharing Information with Others

Knackly has made it possible to share information to the different users in your organization. This can be done through sharing Apps. Previously used information can also be reused. This helps you save time by not having to collect the same information over and over again. Through Knackly’s API, information can be shared to other […]


Data Privacy and Knackly

Data privacy is a big deal, that is why Knackly has enabled you to have control over what users in your firm has access to what information. Once permission is assigned, the status can be changed; further helping your control over who has access to confidential information. Knackly uses industry standard security protocols and encryption […]


Problems with Search and Replace for Drafting

Often lawyers will use search and replace to try and save drafting time. This can create problems. They still must go through and ensure that the document is free of errors. They must make sure that they have replaced everything that needs to be changed. This can be a tedious task that no one wants […]