Why are you repeating yourself? 

Why do you put up with errors in your legal documents? 

Why waste time on repetitious chores? 

Wouldn’t it be great to lose those bad habits and make your office efficient? 

We Know How

Knackly Document Automation is not your grand-dad’s software. Knackly is modern and, thanks to its efficient architecture, you’ll automate the automation, compounding the number of times you DON’T enter the same, old keystrokes. Again. And again. 

Schedule your free demo of Knackly Document Automation. Book today February 07, 2023, you’ll qualify for a Client Intake Package (for free!).

For the demo, plan about thirty minutes. During that time, a product solution expert will ask you about your documents, your intake procedures, and your workflows. We’ll determine how much time you’re currently spending on data entry and document prep, and, then, we’ll show you how Knackly can cut that amount of time by 80% —at least. 

If we don’t think we can save you that amount of time, and all the money it represents, we’ll tell you right away, to avoid wasting your time on software you don’t need. 

Based on our customers’ surveys, though, we’re pretty sure we can save you tons of hours every week.  In fact, many of our firms are reporting a 86% cut off their document prep time; what was taking them 35 minutes is now taking them 5 minutes! 

Book today February 07, 2023, and we can provide our Client Intake Package for Free, giving you a form, online client interview, and reporting you can use right away!

Before document automation with Knackly, it was taking us over 80 hours to create a set of documents and I was ready to give up on this practice area because I couldn’t be profitable.  Now with Knackly’s external client intakes and document automation, it takes us 4 hours.  Great job Knackly!

Dan Offner

With Knackly I’ve gone from creating documents in 30 minutes down to 5 minutes and my staff loves it!

Jeremy Danilson

“I was looking for a more robust automation software that my case management software just didn’t provide.  Knackly’s automation is saving a significant amount of time!”

Melanson Law

Hundreds of templates and thousands of clients documents have been created by firms like these with Knackly