Stark & Stark Chose Knackly to Solve Their Document Automation Needs

Knackly is pleased to announce that we are working with Stark & Stark to enhance their document automation system.

Stark & Stark consulted with Knackly to bridge the gap between their document automation needs and their case management system Filevine. Knackly provided a pilot of their API and document automation system capabilities.

Knackly’s pilot program demonstrated that their best-in-class integration and document automation solved the problems Stark & Stark faced with other document automation systems. Stark & Stark will be able to keep using Filevine for their case management, but use Knackly’s API and document automation to provide the best possible document creation system for their users.

Cyndi Mark, Director of Practice Support at Stark & Stark, explained that “with Knackly, we now have the right tool in place to maximize our document automation functionality and improve overall efficiency.  We are extremely pleased with what Knackly has done and will do for us.”

Knackly’s best-in-class integration was developed to flexibly connect to any API with data flow in both directions.   With the Knackly integration, Stark & Stark will be able to pull existing Filevine data into Knackly, using Knackly templates and the client intake for document automation, and then send any updated Knackly data to the Filevine system so matter data is always up-to-date and accurate.

About Knackly

Knackly is the leading document automation solution, with a focus on best-in-class integrations that reduce time to automate and produce documents.

About Stark & Stark

Since 1933, Stark & Stark has developed innovative legal solutions to meet our clients’ needs. With a wide variety of experienced attorneys, over 30 practice areas, and a philosophy of putting the law to work for their clients is the basis from which they build and maintain their practice. Boasting one of the oldest law practices in New Jersey, Stark & Stark offers a full range of legal services for businesses and individuals. After more than 85 years, their attorneys continue to deliver practical, efficient solutions to clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and throughout the United States.