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Knackly eliminates errors, inconsistent templates, and duplicated work.

No attorney on Earth has time to create every document from scratch. So like everyone else, you probably use previous client documents as starting points for new clients, copying and pasting new information over the old.

Or you rely on templates, which should contain the same boilerplate information across all of the end-document results. But somehow, little things end up changing — and after a while, you and your staff don’t know which template is the most-up-to-date (even with helpful file names like “Estate Plan Template_FINAL_June 2022_usethisone.doc”).

This is why Knackly exists. Knackly is a comprehensive, easy-to-use document automation tool that enables you to:


Seamlessly keep up with your clients’ plans — even reach out proactively instead of reacting to calls and messages.


Create accurate documents in 90% less time — without going into documents one-by-one to copy and paste.


Confidently delegate document drafting to your staff — without spending hours double-checking their work.