Comparison of Knackly and HotDocs

What is the difference between Knackly and HotDocs? Read on to understand Knackly's modern approach to document automation and how it compares to HotDocs.




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What's the Difference Between Knackly and HotDocs?

Knackly and HotDocs are both powerful automation tools for creating documents and intake systems. Both include features like comprehensive list options, formulas, and complex logic.

However, Knackly's modern object-oriented programming allows for faster, more adaptable automation than is possible in the HotDocs system.

“I've done automation in HotDocs and Knackly.  I absolutely prefer to work in Knackly over HotDocs.  I've seen a 40% reduction in time to automate my client's templates since moving to Knackly and my clients are loving the user experience."”

Whittney Olsen

Document Automation Consultant

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5 reasons why Knackly is the best HotDocs alternative

Why should you choose Knackly over HotDocs?


Avoid Dual Automation

In HotDocs, document automation requires both automating your templates and automating the interview to dictate when questions were displayed, which is a duplication of work.

In Knackly, relevant fields are automatically asked for each document you automate – without manually showing or hiding form fields or document outputs.

Knackly's intake builder automatically guides clients and users through the necessary questions without extraneous scripting or seeing questions they don't need to answer.

  • Automatically guide clients through the right questions to create documents.
  • Ensure document accuracy (because nothing gets missed).
  • Create document sets based on case status.

Easily Create Dynamic Variables

While HotDocs does allow dynamic variables, the process of creating and filling them tends to be tedious and time-consuming. In Knackly, creating a dynamic selection variable is simple and straightforward.

To create a dynamic selection variable in Knackly, you only need a list of the information you want the variable based on (i.e., a list of parties, or borrowers, or children). Then all you have to do is direct your selection variable to pull from the list, and you're done – no complex scripting, indexing, or other programming required.

  • Enter contact information in one place and easily select the information for various roles, ie executors, borrowers, plaintiffs and defendants, etc.
  • Create dynamic selection variables without complex scripting
  • Use contact data in selections from various data sources whether through our integrations or our open API.

Easily Reuse information

Knackly is built with an object oriented methodology.  Which means when you need to reuse or update Knackly makes it easy to accomplish without a lot of scripting.

  • Update variables, templates, and formulas in a single place instead of multiple places
  • Reuse data in without complex scripting
  • Sort, filter, and group lists of data without complex scripting and propigating the same data over and over again.

Create Multiple Documents From the Same Intake

In Knackly the setup to create multiple documents from the same interview is straight forward with our Apps.

No more needing to figure out what questions to ask through extensive scripting.  Just add your document(s) to an app and the questions will automatically be asked of the user.

  • Knackly Apps do the work for you to ask the right questions.
  • Name your documents using text and variables.
  • PDF and Word documents can be created from the same intake.

Workflow Made Easier

Being able to move from client to client efficiently helps cut down on the time you spend looking for information and documents.

In Knackly, all of your client information ("records") is searchable, so that you can find clients and their documents easily.

  • Search and find clients and their documents easliy.
  • Filter clients based on your criteria.
  • Summarize client information that is easy to find based on your needs.

Here’s why firms switched to Knackly

“This is a really great product. It is still being refined. Eventually this will be the product to use regardless. There are still some missing features that some people might miss but overall really great.”


Michael S.

Operations Manager

“I’ve been able to do everything I have needed to do in Knackly so far. I like using the external client interviews and look forward to the coming improvements they will release.”


Daniel V.


“I’m still in the implementation phase but so far it is an amazing product. There is a little bit of a learning curve but the customer support is fabulous!”


Noel M.


HotDocs or Knackly? It’s an easy choice!

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