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We help Clio users who are struggling to automate their documents. Lawyers using Clio can track clients, matters, and calendars, but are left wanting for advanced document automation and integration. If you create complex documents and Clio’s document automation doesn’t cut it. You need conditional logic, embedded lists, complex signature blocs, a sharable, single-interview intake process, and write-back capability to Clio, Knackly closes the gap between your performance and potential.

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Two-way integration with Clio

Knackly syncs your information with Clio with the industry’s only two-way integration. This ensures your client’s information is always up to date. Knackly’s integration with Clio is unique in the industry as it offers a two-way integration that allows the seamless synchronization of information between the two platforms.

By using Knackly’s two-way integration with Clio, legal professionals can ensure that their client’s information is always up-to-date and accurate, which is essential for providing high-quality legal services. This integration can also improve efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to manage client information across multiple platforms.

Save documents directly to Clio

With Knackly’s Microsoft OneDrive integration, users can easily synchronize their documents directly into Clio without the need to save them separately. This means that users can manage their documents more efficiently and save time that would otherwise be spent manually uploading each file to Clio.

Knackly’s OneDrive integration simplifies document management for Clio users by enabling them to sync their documents directly into Clio without the need for manual uploading. This can help increase efficiency, save time, and reduce the risk of errors that can occur when managing documents manually.


Create documents with conditional logic

Knackly is a platform that offers a no-code solution for creating customizable legal document templates. One of the key features of Knackly is its ability to incorporate conditional logic into these templates, which makes it easy for users to ensure that the right questions are asked based on the logic that is built into the template.

With Knackly’s no-code solution, users don’t need to have any programming or coding experience to create or customize their own legal document templates. They can simply use the platform’s intuitive interface to build their templates and incorporate the necessary conditional logic.

Don’t just take our word, see what Knackly users are saying

“This is a really great product. It is still being refined. Eventually this will be the product to use regardless. There are still some missing features that some people might miss but overall really great.”


Michael S.

Operations Manager

“I’ve been able to do everything I have needed to do in Knackly so far. I like using the external client interviews and look forward to the coming improvements they will release.”


Daniel V.


“I’m still in the implementation phase but so far it is an amazing product. There is a little bit of a learning curve but the customer support is fabulous!”


Noel M.


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