Document Automation: Why Are 67% Of Our Users Switching From Other Systems to Knackly?


Document Automation: Why Are 67% Of Our Users Switching From Other Systems to Knackly?

Customers say: “It’s stronger AND easier to use.”

When we welcome new Knackly customers, they’re one of two types:

  • Law firms using document automation for the first time and
  • Law firms switching from a document automation system they’re already using

According to our annual customer survey, 67% of our subscribers switched to Knackly from another dedicated, document automation platform.

Honestly? We were surprised the number was that high, but their feedback was flattering.

They told us that, despite having already invested money and time in an existing system, moving to Knackly made more sense because of how much more time you can save.

Time savings came in two ways, they said.

First, it’s in the learning curve. Any powerful tool requires training and familiarization to become proficient and Knackly is no different. The exception is you spend less time learning how to run it!

The second way they’re saving time (and money) with Knackly is by reusing and recycling the items they create! For instance, remember that list of beneficiaries you built for a will last week? You can re-use that list in whatever document you’re creating, today, to collect similar information on another matter! You don’t have to re-build the same tools each time you want to use them.

Dan, a corporate attorney from California told us, “before moving to Knackly it was taking us over 10 hours to create a set of documents with HotDocs™ automation. With Knackly we are now below 4 hours. Knackly took us to the next level!”

Not only that, the survey revealed, besides an easier learning curve and more powerful features, customers are leaving our competitors because:

  1. Those platforms can’t accomplish what they need. Either they are too complicated to use or too basic and lack needed functions and lead them to a dead-end.
  2. Those products lack support. They told us they spent more time stuck in a project, with on a long phone hold with “support” or no support at all.
  3. Not all platforms integrate. Connectivity with Clio and other office systems eliminates double-entry, ensuring accuracy and saving time/money.
  4. They need external interview links! If you can’t invite your clients to complete the information for their case, you’re wasting your time and could introduce errors!

Knackly addresses these issues and so many more through its intelligent programming, a sophisticated interface and our powerful, versatile architecture.

We are unique in the document automation workspace because we’re family-owned, values-driven and Knackly is the fastest, most-capable document automation platform available.

Not only that, we provide more training and one-to-one support than any other document automation company because we’re focused on your success.

Book a demo to talk through your particular needs to see if Knackly makes sense for your firm. We look forward to helping you!

Kim Mayberry

Kim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Knackly, a powerful tool that makes it easier than ever to automate critical processes in your business.

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