Is Lawyaw document automation adequate for my firm?

Lawyaw Document Automation

Is Lawyaw document automation adequate for my firm?

Founded in 2016, Lawyaw is a standalone, cloud-based document automation platform focused on small legal firms. They’re committed to “streamlining the creation and completion of legal documents and court forms …” according to their website. 

In September 2021, Lawyaw announced its sale to Clio, the popular case management platform. Since then, Lawyaw has been available to Clio customers through a separate subscription. 

Lawyaw document automation comes with a catalog of pre-built forms, documents, letters, and more–a great help for firms building their first document library (limited by state and court). 

It boasts a clean interface and some positive online reviews (4.6/5.0, but some firms notice three issues with Lawyaw document automation: 

  1. No two-way integration with Clio.
  2. Unable to do calculations based on list size.  For example the number of children a client has.
  3. No universal template updates. For instance, changing a table or list within one template must be manually changed on every other template that uses that table or list, requiring hours and hours of tedious updates. 

Enter Knackly!

Since Knackly is the only software partner to establish two-way transfer of data with Clio, you can simplify your onboarding and document creation process down to four, easy steps: 

1)    Send your client a link to your online intelligent interview

2)    Review/approve their responses 

3)    Immediately, automatically complete Clio’s intake screens, contact information, and case details

4)    Immediately, automatically create error-proof documents for your case

All that without any proofreading, either! Proofreading documents is a thing of the past. You’ll have 100% confidence in your documents because all templates are universally editable. 

 The guiding principle at Knackly is three-pronged: 

  • only handle data once
  • stop repeating tasks that can be automated
  • re-use your work, don’t re-create it

Every time your staff builds a new template in Word; types the same name in a different place; edits a universal typo in multiple documents; manually transfers onboarding information to a document; or spends a minute proofreading a finished document, they waste time and risk inputting errors. 

We discussed the state of the industry with Zack Glaser from The Lawyerist on our own podcast, recently. In it, we describe the “tiers” of performance available in document automation and how to determine what level of system you’ll need. Check it out.

Knackly document automation is hosted by Amazon Web Services in a Level-4 secure data center with military/banking grade encryption to ensure your data is always safe and always available. AWS has a 99.99997% uptime rate. 

Click here and let us show you how we’re helping firms like yours improve their workflows, saving their time and money. 

Kim Mayberry

Kim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Knackly, a powerful tool that makes it easier than ever to automate critical processes in your business.

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