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Danilson Law, PC




Johnston, Iowa USA

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Real Estate

The Customer

Founded in 2015, Danilson Law, PLC is a real estate law firm in Iowa, founded by Attorney Jeremy Danilson and his wife Sara Danilson.

Their Challenge

Like any smart firm, particularly small ones, Danilson Law’s strategy included office automation to provide as much time as possible for Jeremy and Sara to focus on helping their clients achieve their real estate goals. They had tried several document automation solutions but each failed to perform a certain function. None provided all the key automation and features they required. Specifically, Jeremy’s documents required conditional logic functionality, signature block creation, and formula-based actions. When they found Knackly, they had most recently installed LawYaw, but quickly encountered too many roadblocks to accomplish the automation he was looking for in a new tool.

The Analysis

We met with Jeremy and reviewed his existing template library, prioritizing each and identifying the variables within them. We showed him how Knackly solved each recurring issue and, after discussing Jeremy’s and Sara’s workload and timeframe, a JumpStart program (where we’d convert their templates and documents for them) was the best fit.

 The Solution

After nine weeks of Knackly, Danilson Law has an entirely new, Knackly template library. Danilson Law saves approximately 10 hours per week and is beginning to modify and create their own templates, as their needs change. After having been disappointed by so many other platforms, Jeremy was nearly convinced there was no solution that was powerful enough for his needs, but easy enough to use. Jeremy values the support and training he got with his JumpStart membership and is ready to begin expanding Danilson Law’s template library with a secure, fast system they’ll never outgrow!

We have tried a number of different document automation systems and every time we found things it wouldn’t let us do, we would try something else. Then, we tried Knackly and we have automated everything we need.

Kim Mayberry

Kim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Knackly, a powerful tool that makes it easier than ever to automate critical processes in your business.

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