These Are The Top Five Document Errors Law Firms Make Every Day 

(and how to avoid them)

Fact: In the United States alone, nearly 2,000,000 civil lawsuits are filed every week. Think about that …. 

Two Million Each week!

Now, of course, each one of those cases requires multiple documents to be created and filed, yet, sadly, many law firms’ documents are rife with overlooked errors.

Errors are costly. They can have a devastating effect on your clients’ lives and mistakes reflect poorly on your firm and your own, personal communication skills.

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 15 permits you to amend any pleading, but only assuming you (or opposing counsel) catch the error within the short window of time. What an embarrassing hassle. Avoid that, if you can. 

We’re helping law firms on three continents produce error-free documents in a fraction of the time they used to spend. From our recent survey, we’ve identified the most common errors in legal documents and how you can stop making them. 

Here are the top 5 errors

  1. Misspellings
  2. Last-Use Data Sneak
  3. Pronoun Problems
  4. Version Confusion
  5. Missing Paragraphs

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