Automated Legal Forms for ALL Your Needs

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A question you should ask when looking into automated legal forms is, can this handle all my needs? Can it do complex documents, or does it work best with simpler documents?

Knackly is a document automation software that can meet all your automated legal forms needs from simple to complex documents.

Knackly enables you to become more efficient, accurate, and lower operational costs. You first create personalized variables – these reflect the pieces of information that need to be customized each time you produce this document, like names and addresses. Next, you insert your variables into your Word document, creating a template that all your future documents of that type will be based on. Finally, you upload your template to Knackly, allowing you to generate documents from that template. Because of this process, you can customize each document to your needs, no matter the complexity or simplicity.

To get the highest return on investment, you will want to automate the documents that you use most frequently. This will help you start saving money each time you use the automated legal form.

Watch the video above about how document automation can save your firm time and money.

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