Customizable Legal Document Drafting Software

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When looking into legal document drafting software, it can bring some concerns. Often the main concern is, will the documents be customized enough to meet my needs and my clients’ needs? With our 20 plus years of experience in document automation, we have seen that using a legal document drafting software enables documents to be more customized.

As you automated a document, you must think about the different situations that will appear. For example, for wills and trusts, you must thin: how many kids? Are their situations different? Are there pets? The process makes you think and then account for different situations and outcomes. This helps promote a customized document. Knackly allows you to create variables that such as, “if/then” and multiple choice. This makes it so each document can be individualized to each client. Whereas before, lawyers would use the search bar and find and replace key information, limiting what could be added into the document.

Watch the video above to learn more about how document automation with Knackly can help you customize each legal document to your needs.

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