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Document Automation can save you up to 80% of drafting time. This enables you to spend time meeting other needs of your clients. But sometimes automating your own documents is something you just don’t want to add to your plate. That is why Knackly provides document automation consulting services where your documents are automated to fit your needs.

A Knackly consultant will meet with you once a week to make sure each document template is customized to fit your needs. Through these meetings, drafting time is reduced and you can create all the documents that you need to best serve your clients. Knackly enables you to become more efficient, accurate, and lower operational costs; all while being able to automate documents yourself. The consultant will first create personalized variables – these reflect the pieces of information that need to be customized each time you produce this document, like names and addresses. Next, the variables will be inserted into a Word document, creating a template that all your future documents of that type will be based on. Finally, the template is uploaded to Knackly, allowing you to generate documents from that template. Because of this process, you can customize each document to your needs, no matter the complexity or simplicity.

If you want to learn more about Knackly’s document automation consulting services, click on the video above or follow this link.

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