Knackly and Client Management Software

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Since the use of client management software is common across most businesses, we have enabled Knackly to work with them. They provide much of the information that is needed to populate documents giving time-saving and reducing errors. Pulling the information from the CRMs can happen in many ways, but the most common way to do it is through Knackly’s API system. The API system can assign permissions to what users will have access to, thus helping ensure data privacy.

Knackly enables you to become more efficient, accurate, and lower operational costs; all while being able to automate documents yourself. You first create personalized variables – these reflect the pieces of information that need to be customized each time you produce this document, like names and addresses. Next, you insert your variables into your Word document, creating a template that all your future documents of that type will be based on. Finally, you upload your template to Knackly, allowing you to generate documents from that template. When it comes time to fill out these documents, you simply pull the needed information from the client management software. Because of this process, you can customize each document to your needs, no matter the complexity or simplicity. The training Knackly provides, it helps teach you how to automate your documents to be specific to your needs.

Watch the video above to learn more about how your client management software can be linked to Knackly or schedule a demo.

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