Document Automation: Never Used It? Here’s What To Expect.

Knackly delivers total control, more time, zero errors and money saved. Can you use some?

If your law firm has put off document automation software because you’re not sure what to expect, you’re in a large club.

According to our surveys, almost half of small to medium sized practices still use a “civilian” word processing application for their sensitive, legal documents! The majority of those firms worry about disrupting their daily business and the unknown workload migrating to a proper document automation platform might add. Sound familiar?

But ask a Knackly customer and they’ll tell you to expect something like this:

  • Spend 5-15 hours a week in Knackly, when getting started. You’ll be learning the basics of the system and identifying which documents you’re going to templatize first. Your Knackly customer success manager will contact you to establish some goals.
  • You will move through the training materials at your own pace, but you’ll be building documents on your first day. Knackly provides worksheets and lessons and one-to-one sessions, based on the subscription level. Check out the options
  • Within four to six weeks, you’ll begin to notice how much less time you’re spending collecting data, drafting documents and proofreading. Your document won’t have errors, anymore. Many of our customers report saving up to 80% of the time they previously spent on document preparation and client intake.

Like any new system, anticipate some workflow changes and a little bit of adjustment during the first several usages of it, but you’ll begin gaining control, time and efficiency within the first couple weeks of installation.

Knackly addresses these issues and so many more through its intelligent programming, a sophisticated interface and our powerful, versatile architecture. We are unique in the document automation workspace because we’re family-owned, values-driven and Knackly is the fastest, most-capable document automation platform available. Not only that, we provide more training and one-to-one support than any other document automation company because we’re focused on your success.