New Release! Knackly Designer Add-In 2.0 is HERE! 

Primary improvements you’ll notice, right away: 

1)    Easier-to-use interface!

  1.     Straightforward access to frequently-used tools
  2.     Direct access to catalogs 
  3.     Simplified “saves” 

2)    Start templates as a Word document! 

  1.     Faster template building
  2.     Include styles from the start

3)    More integrated “Help!” features!

  1.     Direct links to Knackly Support (
  2.     Better error-detection/correction

Note: This is an automatic upgrade. Simply log in as usual (you may be required to enter your workspace address, once).

If you’re not with Knackly, yet, click here for a demo to see if we can help your firm discover efficiency.