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Stop Copying And Start Leveraging

“Hey, Knackly, why should I? And, what do you mean?”

Those of a certain age can probably remember a particular moment—decades ago, in front of a grayscale, 512 x 342 CRT—when someone showed them how to “copy” an item from one program and “paste” it to another!

It was revolutionary. Seriously

Computer scientist Larry Tessler developed “cut, copy & paste” in 1983, with the introduction of the Apple Macintosh, and immediately, they would become the fundamental editing tools in every piece of software, ever since!

It’s easy to take for granted now, but copying was a MAJOR leap forward for office efficiency. No more inverted numbers, misspellings and it was so much faster!

And today? Tessler’s tools are baked deep into computing as we know it. Copy & paste is ubiquitous. Our workflows rely on it every day.

But, thirty-eight years later, is it still the best tool?

Simply put: no. And it’s not even close!

While copying data is miles better than re-typing that info,

  • It’s slow
  • It’s repetitive
  • It can’t think
  • You can still paste the wrong data

Like most law firms and other businesses, you are copying/pasting important, private information from one platform to another all day long. How much time are you actually spending, copying bits of data back and forth

Would you like that back?

Would you like guaranteed accuracy, too?

How about customized client reporting and business analysis tools, while you’re at it?

That’s “leverage.” More control. More power. But less work.  

This is what leverage delivers:

1) An intake process that shares data across multiple platforms

2) Cutting up to 95% of the hours you’re currently spending on document creation

3) Permitting clients to provide details remotely

4) Guaranteeing 100% accuracy

How do we do it?

Instead of copying data, Knackly provides a set of customized tools to collect information and populate all the systems in your office. In one step, you can complete your CRM screens, intake documents, petitions, filings, letters, and more all error-free and all at once.

What are the results?

We are consistently seeing a 75% to 95% reduction in the time it takes to create documents.

This means that in a given month if you are spending 30 hours creating documents you will see that time go down to 7.5 to 1.5 hours a month.  In the average firm, this means a cost savings of over $1000 a month per person doing the drafting.

“With Knackly we are saving 10 hours a week.  Freeing us up to handle more clients”

Jeremy Danilson

Want to know what your results would be?

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