May 2023 Newsletter – New Intake Options

Welcome to the latest update from Knackly! We’re excited to bring you some exciting news about our recent updates that are designed to make your workflow even smoother and more efficient.

We’re thrilled to introduce you more options in the Intake Builder.  These updates are geared towards enhancing your experience with Knackly.  Read on to learn more about these exciting updates and how they can benefit your workflow. Let’s dive in!

New Intake Options

Introducing a new level of customization and user-friendly functionality, our latest update brings a range of options to enhance your design and interaction choices.

  • Inline Style for Single Objects
  • Accordian Style for List Objects
  • Radio Button Columns for Single Selections
  • Checkbox Columns for List Selections

Knackly Tip: Importing CSV Data into Knackly

Learn how to import Excel data directly into Knackly. Unlock efficiency and save time as you effortlessly transfer spreadsheets into Knackly. Maximize your productivity and experience a new level of convenience with Knackly’s Excel integration.​

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