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November 2022

As we go into the Holiday season we wanted to express gratitude to our customers for their ongoing feedback and continued support.

We are starting a new newsletter format for November 2022 onward; this newsletter will include Knackly updates for the previous month, a Knackly tip of the month, and other related Knackly news that we hope you will find useful.

Upcoming Webinar on December 8 at 1:00 EST

Join us for the Knackly update webinar where we will be introducing our NetDocuments and OneDrive integrations

How Document Automation Enhances Your Client Intake Process

Law firms handle a vast amount of paperwork, and the client intake process is no exception.

Manually entering client information can lead to data-entry errors and is an inefficient use of your staff’s time and resources. The average legal professional already spends nearly 50% of their time on administrative tasks; cut down on that time and improve your client data accuracy by automating the intake process with Knackly.

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October 2022 Software Updates

Filevine and Clio Refresh Buttons

Tip of the Month

Naming Your Templates