Saving More Than Money With Knackly: Document Automation for Law Firms

It’s not only about those dollars.

When we speak to prospects and new customers, they almost always tell us “saving” is what they want to accomplish with Knackly.

These are small to medium sized law firms, like yours, and although they each value the “savings” Knackly provides, they’re not always referring to exactly the same thing!

See, we designed Knackly document automation software to save firms like yours in multiple ways.

  • Save Time

Case Study 1: An estate firm in upstate New York had two documents they drafted regularly for clients with complicated real estate holdings. Each time, the firm’s Office Manager would:

  1. collect the client’s information
  2. draft the document on a form
  3. remove all old data from last time it was used
  4. trust that key paragraphs weren’t deleted
  5. enter the client’s information
  6. edit & review
  7. repeat until no more errors were found

Before Knackly, the firm’s office manager spent fourteen hours on this task. After Knackly, the process took only three! The firm “saves” eleven extra hours every, single week! What can you do with eleven more hours every week?

  • Save Client Intake Steps

Case Study 2: A financial attorney in San Francisco has a lengthy, complex onboarding process for certain clients, requiring multiple meetings, calls and document-gathering. This firm’s issue was organization and making sure each client was fully onboarded. Prior to Knackly, the firm had incomplete data in the record which created backlogs of catch-up at year-end. After Knackly, the process is automated and all required data is consistently collected via “External Interviews” at onboarding.

This firm saved multiple steps and days in their client onboarding process. What would a better onboarding process look like in your firm?

  • Save Yourselves From Errors

Case Study 3: A Southern Florida immigration firm with fifteen attorneys in four cities uses the same, few documents on a shared drive in the cloud. Although not complicated, these documents were handled frequently—by many different attorneys—so, frequently, paragraphs or sentences were missing from the “template” and, sometimes, they’d miss pronoun changes and refer to “Mister Salvador” as “she” in his immigration application!

Before Knackly helped this firm, they exposed their clients to delays and other consequences of poor documentation. After Knackly, every single attorney is 100% certain the template is current and ready for their client, no matter which branch they’re from or how frequently that document is used. How confident are you that you have perfect, error-free documents & templates?

  • Save Money

Saving time, saving steps or saving errors … it’s all about money, in the end. After all, time is money, right? Attorneys charge for their time and pay the firm’s staff for theirs.

Think back to the firm in Case Study 1 who saves ELEVEN HOURS A WEEK, thanks to Knackly. How much money does eleven hours a week come to? How much are you paying paralegals and office managers?

 Weekly Savings Monthly  Annual


$15.00 $165 $   660 $  7,920
Paralegal $27.50 $302 $1,208 $14,496
Manager $36.00 $400 $1,600 $19,200

Remember: Knackly subscriptions include three users and unlimited template storage starting at $75 a month.

We see scenarios like this all the time and many of our customers begin experiencing ROI on their Knackly investment within weeks or, even, days of implementation.

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