Keeping Client Information Confidential

Keeping client information confidential

According to the American Bar Association, “A fundamental principle in the client-lawyer relationship is that, in the absence of the client’s informed consent, the lawyer must not reveal information relating to the representation.” Keeping clients’ information confidential should be a top priority, that is why Knackly is a document automation system that has placed locks…

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Document Automation Consulting Services

Document automation consulting services

Document Automation can save you up to 80% of drafting time. This enables you to spend time meeting other needs of your clients. But sometimes automating your own documents is something you just don’t want to add to your plate. That is why Knackly provides document automation consulting services where your documents are automated to…

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Customizable Legal Document Drafting Software

Legal document drafting software

When looking into legal document drafting software, it can bring some concerns. Often the main concern is, will the documents be customized enough to meet my needs and my clients’ needs? With our 20 plus years of experience in document automation, we have seen that using a legal document drafting software enables documents to be…

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Automated Legal Forms for ALL Your Needs

Automated legal forms

A question you should ask when looking into automated legal forms is, can this handle all my needs? Can it do complex documents, or does it work best with simpler documents? Knackly is a document automation software that can meet all your automated legal forms needs from simple to complex documents. Knackly enables you to…

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Reducing Draft Time through Legal Drafting Software

Reducing draft time through legal drafting software

With Knackly your draft time can be reduced up to 80%. This would help you save valuable time and enable you to do the things that truly matter– meeting the needs of your clients. Knackly is a legal drafting software that enables you to become more efficient, accurate, and lower operational costs. You first create…

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DIY Document Automation Your Way

Diy document automation

When looking into a document automation, a question to ask is can you do it yourself? Is the program user friendly? Can you create the necessary documents? Knackly provides a user-friendly interface, training videos, and user forms, to help you create your legal documents based on your specific needs. Knackly enables you to become more…

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Finding the Best Document Assembly Software

Finding the best document assembly software

Document automation is increasingly becoming commonplace. This means there is a proliferation of software products that firms and lawyers can consider when shopping for one. It can be hard to sort through to find the best document assembly software that fits your needs. The term “automation” makes drafting documents using software sound easy. But you’ll…

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Getting Started with the Best Legal Document Drafting Software

Automated document learning

Learning how to automate your legal documents can be a daunting task, especially faced with the fact that with Hotdocs, it often takes 6 hours to learn how to automate a document and another 6 months to become proficient. With Knackly, the best legal document drafting software, you will be able to automate a simple…

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Knackly’s Client Intake Process

Knackly client intake process

Currently, most offices have two basic ways of collecting client information remotely: either you send out a document that the client fills in and returns, or you create a web form where the client can enter their information. In both of those scenarios, your staff usually has to re-enter the information from the form into…

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