Problems with Using Microsoft Word Mail Merge for Automation

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Using Microsoft Word Mail Merge features to automate documents can present you with several challenges. One of the main challenges is you cannot gather new data effectively. Since the data is stored in one place, and you use Word for the document, it can be hard to merge the data. When new data is acquired you must then check both places to make sure it complies.

Mail Merge only works on a desktop and doesn’t have the ability to include or exclude conditional paragraphs. These greatly limits your ability to create documents faster and with more accuracy.

With Knackly you can enter information in our online intake and then have that information populated throughout all your documents. Conditional paragraphs can be used and Knackly is cloud based so all your users have access to draft documents.

To learn more about how Knackly can solve your Microsoft Word Mail Merge problems, watch the video above.

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