Knackly Feature Release – External Intakes – The Next Level

You already know that Knackly saves you time by allowing your clients to fill out their information online through our secure external intake. These intakes ensure the information in your documents is exactly as your client enters it – no more misspelled names or wrong addresses, no more squinting at difficult handwriting to try and figure out what your client wrote on their intake.

To step up our game, we’ve added even more functionality to external interviews – we are proud to introduce file attachments to Knackly!

Now when your client fills in their information online, they can upload any supporting or supplemental documentation you might need. Bank records, titles, deeds, birth certificates – if your client has an electronic copy of the document (or can scan one in), they can add it to the external interview.

These file attachments are stored securely in a single location on Knackly’s servers, giving you both ease of access and peace of mind.

With file attachments, you don’t need to worry about your clients forgetting to send you documents – they can add them right into the external interview as they’re filling it out. Your clients will appreciate the easy one-step process and the convenience of the external interview, while your staff will appreciate not having to sort through and file mailed and emailed client documents – everything is in one location for you to download and save exactly where you need it.

We hope that the addition of file attachments to Knackly’s external interviews will save you more time and energy that can go towards better serving your clients’ needs. If you are interested in learning more about Knackly or setting up a consultation, click here.