Document Automation: Problems with Mail Merge and Word

According to our satisfaction survey, almost half our customers relied on built-in office suite “automations” before switching to Knackly. And, nearly all of them told us they used it, pretty much, because they already had it—it was handy. Does that sound familiar?

But not long into its use, Mail Merge’s limitations showed up and began eroding the accuracy and efficiency our customers demanded, even introducing the very errors it was supposed to prevent!

As any frequent mail merger knows, one of its biggest challenges is the inability to gather new data. All the information used in mail merge is stored within Word and is inaccessible through any other system. If a client changes any detail, it must be changed within their client record as well as Word, to properly refer to a change of address, name, or other detail in their documents. Not only is this a waste of time, but it’s an error magnet.

Another frustration is that mail merge doesn’t understand anything not completely straightforward. “Conditional Paragraphs” rely on a specific answer to be included or excluded from any particular version of the document. Without Knackly’s advanced logic, our customers had to manually select and delete appropriate clauses or paragraphs, depending on their client’s situations. Not only does this make it easy to forget to include an important clause, it can also permit old data from accidentally being imported into a different client’s document! How often has this happened to you, already?

Knackly addresses these issues and so many more through its intelligent programming, a sophisticated interface and our powerful, versatile architecture. We are unique in the document automation workspace because we’re family-owned, values-driven and Knackly is the fastest, most-capable document automation platform available. Not only that, we provide more training and one-to-one support than any other document automation company because we’re focused on your success.