Document Automation: The Risk of “Search, Copy and Replace”

Search, Copy and Replace is your Go-To drafting tool, but are you copying errors?

Although “search, copy, paste and replace” have been fundamental editing tools since Word was written, we’re surprised how many lawyers still rely on it for all their clients’ legal documents. While familiar and handy, Word’s limitations introduce errors and cost firms their reputations and time, fixing errors that slipped into their legal documents. If you’re Word alone, how do you know you’re not copying errors? Or accidentally omitting a clause? Or pasting old information from a previous matter?

Microsoft Word and other “civilian” document applications may contain “templating tools” but they don’t provide the security that lawyers require or any clarity how to complete the document e.g. “Which clauses to include?” “Which paragraphs should be omitted?” “Did we get all the pronouns correct?”

Templating with Knackly includes “External Interviews,” which are Q&A sessions that collect every bit of necessary information for ALL your documents—even in a single session. Every Knackly template is smart and knows which questions to ask next, based on previous answers. Then, those answers fill in the blanks on your documents in proper form, gender, tense, place and context. No pasting required.

If you’re an estate planner, for instance, your Will, living trusts, beneficiary designations, durable POAs, health care POAs, digital asset trusts, letters of intent and any other document can be completed accurately, with a single interview and one proofreading session.

Knackly addresses these issues and so many more through its intelligent programming, a sophisticated interface and our powerful, versatile architecture. We are unique in the document automation workspace because we’re family-owned, values-driven and Knackly is the fastest, most-capable document automation platform available. Not only that, we provide more training and one-to-one support than any other document automation company because we’re focused on your success.

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