Document Creation Software

How is your customer satisfaction?

Do you really know?

According to Mary Shulzhenko, almost all dissatisfied customers, 91% of them, leave a business without complaining. Nearly all of your under-served or unhappy clients will leave for your competitors without letting you know a) that they’re leaving, and b) why they’re leaving.

As I’m sure you know, keeping customers happy is the key to retaining those customers, which is a chief concern if you want to stay in business. Unfortunately, keeping your customers happy is easier said than done; happy customers are those who receive a better experience by using your services than going to your competitors.

While there are many ways to improve the experience your customers receive, I want to talk about one in particular: document creation software.

Document creation software may not be the first item you think of when brainstorming ways to create a better customer experience, but utilizing it can absolutely improve both your number of satisfied customers and your internal office systems. Most law firms already use some form of document automation, so if you don’t, you already risk falling behind the curve – and losing clients to firms with a better document-creation experience.

Fortunately, getting started with the fastest, easiest, and most modern document automation system available is simple – that’s what Knackly is here to do.

Document Creation Software

What is Knackly?

Knackly is a document automation system. Document automation simply means that Knackly transforms Word documents and PDFs into smart templates that help you fill information into your documents – quickly, easily, and error-free.

Knackly allows you to draft documents in minutes that might otherwise take hours or even days. Generally, Knackly reduces drafting time for your documents by about 70% – that’s 70% of your document drafting time that is freed up for more substantive work for you and your staff.

Nor is the increased efficiency the most important benefit Knackly delivers to your firm.

Document Automation: Why Knackly Rocks

Knackly helps your law firm achieve three main goals, along with multiple other benefits. These goals are:

  1. Improve accuracy
  2. Improve efficiency
  3. Lower operational costs

1. Improve Accuracy

One of document creation software’s main functions, from its very beginnings, has been to improve the accuracy of important legal and business documents. Complex documents can easily be transformed into Knackly templates, which bring in the exact same relevant language and provisions every time they are run through Knackly.

No more checking to see if the document you are revising from Client A’s file for Client B has the most up-to-date version of the paragraph you want to include; it’s all there in Knackly, where updating the paragraph once in the template means that it is updated in all future documents based on that template.

Nor will you spend significant portions of your document review time checking and double-checking names and addresses to make sure they are consistent throughout the documents, without typos or misspellings. With Knackly, you enter all personal or business information for a party or entity once – just once – and that information is exactly the same everywhere it is used in the documents.

Background computations also help your client provide accurate information – for example, ages can be calculated from dates of birth, so that your client doesn’t have to worry about accidentally providing the wrong age for someone in their documents.

2. Improve Efficiency

Accuracy plays into inefficiency, as you are probably well aware. Documents that are riddled with errors take longer to review and correct, which is one of the reasons that inefficiency can cost your law firm up to 30% of its revenue. Document drafting time contributes significantly to inefficiency in most firms – it’s a slow process that eats up staff and attorney hours like little else.

Automating your documents vastly reduces the time your firm spends drafting and reviewing documents. Even small law firms can need to create dozens of documents each day; larger firms create hundreds. Saving a significant amount of time on every one of those documents adds up to huge efficiency gains for your firm.

Instead of trying to cobble together the correct document from previous clients and forms, with Knackly, your staff will use a straightforward interview that can handle even the most complicated documents. Knackly presents users with a series of questions related to the particular document being created and then produces the correct document based on those questions.


For example, if you indicate to Knackly that you need the no-contest clause in the will you are creating, Knackly includes it – with exactly the language you want, precisely where you would like it located in the will. You no longer have to comb through previous documents for the exact ph


rasing you want or try to custom draft it on the spot because Knackly does it for you.

3. Lower Operational Costs

Traditional document drafting is time-consuming, tedious, and inefficient. A significant part of the cost for traditional document drafting is carried by your client, and many of them do not understand why document drafting can take so much time. Reducing the amount of time you spend drafting also reduces the drafting cost to your clients, which greatly improves their experience with (and opinion of) you.

Document Creation Software

Loyalty and Profit


The most significant factor in a client’s experience with your firm is how they feel treated. The quality of the interactions the client has with your firm is much more important to retaining clients (and getting referrals) than the quality of the product that you offer.

Fortunately, with Knackly, you are able to offer both a quality product that is error-free and cost-effective and a client experience that far surpasses anything they will receive at another firm.

In addition to saving both you and your client’s money, Knackly allows your clients to complete their intake information without leaving the comfort of their home, in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate online form. Instead of having to email you important documents, mail them to the office, or bring them in personally, Knackly also allows your clients to submit pdfs and other files directly into their intake – saving them time and effort.

Making your client intake as smooth a process as possible improves the initial impression your client has of your firm – and a strong first impression is vital in creating a good client experience. Not only do positive experiences help you retain that client in the future, but they also make it far more likely that your client will leave a good review for you.

Given that it costs five times more to find new clients than maintain existing ones, providing a good client experience upfront with Knackly creates considerable profit for your firm. Not only that, but good reviews are vital for bringing in new clients – and in today’s digital world, it takes about twelve good reviews to balance out every negative one.

Document Creation Software

Final Thoughts

Knackly allows you to move your firm into the future by providing positive client experiences that build your credibility and create long-term clients you can rely on. Due to its accuracy and efficiency, Knackly’s document creation software will save both your clients and your firm considerable time and money.

To learn more and tap into the power Knackly can give you, click below or give us a call for a consultation. We’re here to help.