Knackly and Word: Document Automation Among Friends

The tool you already know.

In any new task—if you can use a tool you’re already adept with, you’re immediately off to a better start! After all, the bulk of your learning curve gets flattened and it’s easier to see how a new process can fit into your workflow.

With that in mind, because Microsoft Word is so ubiquitous, we made Word compatibility a primary goal.

All of Word’s powerful design tools make it ideal as the foundation of your document automation process. You can create, customize and modify any legal document within Word and then use Knackly to repopulate, re-structure and finish the legal document, as needed.

By combining Word’s creation abilities and Knackly’s automation prowess, firms build legal documents faster and with zero errors in three, simple steps:

  • Identify the variables. All those bits of information that change each time you use the document. Names, addresses, etc.
  • Next, insert those variables into your Word document, creating the template your future documents will be based on.
  • Finally, upload the template to Knackly, permitting you to generate customized documents from that template.

To collect that information, Knackly provides links to External Interviews so clients can remotely answer questions, providing their unique data for the variables you’ve identified.

And here’s what’s unique about Knackly: we recycle. Thanks to our modern architecture, you can re-use the objects you create. For instance, once you’ve created a list of, say, family members for a will, you can plug that list into any new document and it will collect and insert the correct names of any family involved in any will you write, from that time on.

This process is saving customers up to 80% of the time they used to spend creating documents!

With the ease, accuracy and savings Knackly and Word provide, our customers are automating as many documents as possible, including internal HR documents, newsletters and even integrating with their CRMs ( to take full advantage of the efficiencies Knackly delivers.

Investigate Knackly Three Ways:  

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  • Take our 21-Day Tryout and start building documents right away, with our supported, full-access, three-week, trial membership.
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