Knackly – Document Automation, Easy Client Intake, and You


Given the circumstances of the last few months, gathering client information remotely has become even more critical – not just for accuracy and speed, but for health and safety.

Currently, most offices have two basic ways of collecting client information remotely: either you send out a document that the client fills in and returns, or you create a web form where the client can enter their information.

In both of those scenarios, your staff usually has to re-enter the information from the form into your client management system, and frequently your staff also then has to take the information from your client management system and type it into documents when they are drafting.

Knackly has a better way.

With Knackly, your client intake is online, like the web form option above. However, the Knackly system then can import your client’s entered information directly into your client management system, programs like HotDocs, and even better your Knackly-automated documents.

No re-entry by your staff. No errors, typos, or differences from what the client entered.

Additionally, Knackly allows your clients to upload files directly into the intake. Bank statements, titles, deeds, and any other necessary documentation can be collected right along with the client intake, reducing the steps your clients have to go through in order to get you the information you need.

If you’re interested in reducing errors, cutting your drafting time in half, and improving your client’s intake experience schedule a meeting.