Knackly Feature Release – New Take on Client Intakes

Knackly Feature Release – New Take on Client Intakes Knackly is proud to announce a new feature in our already-advanced client intakes: with our new enhancement, you can now offer a white-glove treatment to your clients by starting the intake for them. Your staff will be able to start an intake within your office and then send your client a link for them to finish entering their information.

This allows you to provide top-tier service and save your clients a significant amount of time, while still consistently collecting accurate information. Your clients will be able to review the information already input by your staff so that they can correct any errors, add information, and make other necessary changes.

As you know, Knackly already allows your clients to provide their information through an online intake. Our new feature adds the ability for you to start entering information for them – like names and other basic personal information your staff routinely gathers when a client first contacts your office.

Here is how it works.

  1. You create a new client record and enter the information you already have into the intake
  2. Knackly creates a link that you can send to your clients specific to the record where their information is stored
  3. Your client fills out the rest of the information online, appreciating that they don’t have to re-enter information that they’ve already provided to your office

As a reminder, Knackly’s client intake already has all of the following features, which makes Knackly unique among document-automation systems:

  • Customizing your client portal
  • Uploading attachments right into the intake (Bank Statements, Pictures, etc.)
  • Adding videos and images to brand your intake and help guide your client through the process
  • Allowing clients to download documents (an information sheet of their answers, for instance) at the end of the intake