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Saving Money with Knackly: A Legal Document Assembly Software

Saving money is the biggest reason clients come to us at Knackly; like you, our clients are keenly aware that time is money, and that every minute of inefficiency and every mistake in a document is lost time that directly impacts your wallet.

Knackly as a legal document assembly software is designed to save you money in several important ways. Below are some of the top contenders – these are the areas our clients report significant cost-reduction and savings in over and over after using Knackly.

Reducing Draft Time

  • Knackly substantially cuts down on the time you and your staff spend drafting your documents. For an example, say that John Smith has two documents that he regularly drafts for a particular type of client. John’s documents each take about 7 hours to draft– that includes collecting the client’s information, drafting the document from a form, entering the client’s information, and a few rounds of editing and reviewing.
  • Knackly reduces draft time for documents by 80%. Once John starts using Knackly, the combination of Knackly’s client intake tools and document production system would reduce his total time for drafting his two documents from 14 hours to 3 hours.
  • This means John has 11 extra hours that he’s saved by using Knackly. How much would 11 extra hours of your time save you?

Legal Document Assembly Software

Reducing Errors

  • Errors in your documents are a time-suck like no other. Finding one typo means that you find yourself going over the document with a fine-toothed comb, searching for any other mistakes – because you know if there’s one, there’s almost certainly others.
  • Worse than typos are when the wrong information or wrong provisions end up in your document. These kinds of errors mean actually going back into the document and revising it, a task that can take much more time than simply correcting typos and misspellings. Depending on the complexity of the mistakes, it may seem like you end up drafting the document anew.
  • As a legal document assembly software, Knackly knocks both of these types of errors out of your documents completely. First, Knackly reduces errors in entered information and reduces typos by ensuring that any given piece of information is only entered once. However, that information is input, it is the same throughout the document – no more searching for a middle name or street address that has been spelled three different times across your document.
  • Knackly also allows you to ensure that your document’s provisions and language are exactly what you want them to be. We frequently find that drafters are basing new documents on older documents that have poorly worded provisions or language that is out of date – or is completely wrong for a particular client’s situation. These errors get grandfathered into your new documents and may or may not get caught as you’re trying to get through the review.
  • With Knackly, you have one single template that your new documents are all based on. You do some work up front to make sure that the template has all the pieces of language and information you want, in the correct form and format, and then presto – every document you produce through Knackly has that exact information without any older or wrong language sneaking through. This also makes updating your documents a snap – you make one set of changes to the template and all your future documents will have those same changes without any additional work from you.
  • A huge chunk of the time Knackly can save you comes from these features. You will find that your document review time drops dramatically – when you are able to be confident that your document is free of typos, that all information is exactly as you entered it, and that the language is correct and up-to-date, you are able to spend far less time going over your drafts with a magnifying glass.

Legal Document Assembly Software

Reducing Training Costs

  • Training new staff to use your processes can be a lengthy, cumbersome project. Training can be one of the more costly parts of hiring new staff – it is time that has to be spent so that your staff can perform well, but the actual training time isn’t financially productive for you in any way.
  • Knackly drastically reduces the time you spend training new staff to draft documents. Knackly’s document production interface is all online, so your staff doesn’t have to worry about maintaining or updating a desktop program. Knackly has no complicated file paths to manage or installs to run – everything is done through the Knackly website.
  • More importantly, Knackly has an intuitive, user-friendly interview. Our interview only asks the questions that are relevant for the documents being created right then; your staff won’t have to waste time clicking through a bunch of unrelated questions or entering extraneous information.
  • You have complete control over the questions that are asked, and the information presented in the interview. This makes it easy for your staff to understand. With Knackly’s straightforward, logical interview, new staff members can be creating documents in minutes.
  • New drafters are not the only staff whose training Knackly can improve. If you are programming your own Knackly system and templates, you can either learn to program in Knackly yourself or have a staff member learn to program for you.
  • In existing legal document assembly software, it generally takes a new programmer six months of full-time work to reach an intermediate skill level, and a year to become truly proficient. That’s a lot of time to have someone working on just programming your documents – most offices can’t afford to have someone programming full-time, causing your programming staff member to take even longer to reach proficiency.
  • Knackly’s under-the-hood programming is substantially different from that of existing document automation systems. With the resources we can provide and the more intuitive programming in Knackly, we believe we can reduce the time to train a new programmer by 50%. This reduced training phase will allow you to have more proficient programmers much faster than with other document automation software – which means that your documents get automated more quickly and skillfully.

With the features outlined above, Knackly works to put money back in your pocket by cutting hours of time off your current drafting, review, and training processes. This leads to an exceptionally high return on investment – in most cases, our clients have found that Knackly gives them a 4-6 times ROI.

Our goal here at Knackly is to save you money by saving you time and helping you produce clean, accurate, correct documents quickly and easily. We hope that we’ve shown you a few of the ways we accomplish those goals; if you are interested in learning more, click here to schedule a consultation and see what Knackly can do for you.