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The Benefits of Using Legal Document Automation

Has your law firm grown tired of legal document automation systems that are either too complicated or don’t do what you need them to do? If so, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, Document Data and Process Management (DDPM) software is out there to streamline client intake, enable client information to be used in multiple ways, and easily integrate with other key systems! 

Knackly is a legal document automation system that offers a comprehensive solution for automating the legal documents used in your law firm. It cuts down administrative time and is easy to learn.

There are several benefits of using Knackly’s legal document automation system:

Automates The Creation Of Legal Documents

If you’re a lawyer, then you know that drafting documents, whether it’s contracts, leases, NDAs, or other legal documents, can be a huge time consumer. 

But what if there was a way to create legal documents in minutes instead of hours?

With Knackly, there’s no need to start from scratch each time you need to draft a document. Knackly provides a simple, intuitive interface that lets you quickly and easily create the documents you need.

Document management can feel like a simple task, but when you get more clients and start spending more than half your time drafting your documents, the simplicity goes away.

With a legal document automation system, in just a few clicks, you can have the template for your document and then fill in the necessary information for your case. So, why spend hours drafting documents when you can do it in minutes with Knackly?

Ensures Accuracy And Consistency In Legal Documents

When you’re dealing with legal documents, accuracy is key. Any mistakes can have serious consequences. Fixing errors costs time and money, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

With Knackly, you can be sure that your documents are error-free and consistent. Our legal document automation system includes a wide range of features designed to help you create accurate documents. From start to finish, our system is easy to use and helps to ensure that your documents are error-free.

Plus, with an easy-to-use interface you can be confident that your documents will meet all of your legal requirements.

Our legal document automation pulls information from your previous files to ensure that your documents remain consistent. For example, when a client fills out their information it goes straight to the documents you need to prepare. This eliminates the headache of copying and pasting client information, and all the necessary questions are asked of your client. 

Improves The Efficiency Of Your Law Firm

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your law firm, legal document automation is a great place to start. By automating the creation of legal documents, you can free up time for other tasks, such as meeting with clients or working on cases.

Draft Documents Faster

Even with modern technology, it can still take hours or days to put together a document that is legally binding. Having a system in place that easily increases the speed at which documents can be drafted is an essential part of increasing efficiency at the firm.

The three keys to producing documents faster are:

  1. Intakes that guide the user, internal or client-facing, through the right questions.

  2. Automation of the documents lets the user reuse information from other systems or other questions.

  3. Produce multiple documents during the same intake.

Error Proof Your Documents 

In our technologically advancing world, law firms have two choices.

  1. Remain dependent on systems that leave room for human error. This complacency often leads to decreased productivity, accuracy and falling behind competitors. 

  2. Or, they can choose to embrace innovative technology that streamlines internal workflows. This willingness to adapt leads to increased productivity, accuracy, and getting ahead of competitors. 

With legal document automation software you can eliminate errors in documents, which is critical to any and all legal groups. 

By automating your documents in Knackly you are able to ensure that each document that is produced is right the first time.

Store Documents Digitally 

Document automation software will also save your firm space in your office. There’s no need for filing cabinets and spending time looking for specific documents.

You can access your documents from anywhere, and you can be sure that they’re always backed up and secure.

So if you’re looking to save time and hassle when it comes to creating, storing, and finding legal documents, be sure to check out Knackly today!

Saves Money By Eliminating The Need To Hire Legal Word Processors

If you’re looking to save money on legal expenses, legal document automation can help.

By automating the creation of legal documents, you eliminate the need to hire legal word processors. This can save your firm money, which can be used to invest in other areas of your business.

Not to mention, it’s much easier to keep track of electronic documents than it is to keep track of paper ones. Plus, you’ll save money and reduce your environmental impact. 

When it comes to legal document automation, there are many benefits. From saving time to ensuring accuracy, legal document automation can help your law firm in a number of ways. 

Allows You To Customize Legal Documents To Meet Your Specific Needs

Every law firm and every legal document is different. With legal document automation, you can customize your documents to meet the specific needs of your law firm.

Whether you need a simple will or a complex contract, Knackly can help you create the perfect document for your needs.

You can create templates from documents already made with Knackly, or you can start from scratch and build your own custom document.

Either way, you’ll be able to create a legal document that meets the specific needs of your law firm. And with our easy-to-use platform, you can get started right away.

Increased Security 

When you automate the creation of legal documents, you can be sure that your documents are always secure.

With Knackly, your documents are stored on the same platform. So even if your computer crashes or is damaged by a flood or fire, your documents will still be safe and sound.

When it comes to handling legal documents, it’s important to have a system in place that is both efficient and secure.

Knackly: Legal Document Automation Is Our Speciality 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and accurate way to create legal documents consistent across your organization, look no further than Knackly.

Our document automation software can save you time and money while ensuring the accuracy and consistency of all your legal documents.

So why not give legal document automation a try today?

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how we can help streamline your legal document creation process.