This is document automation with Knackly

Breathe in … breathe out. Your documents are ready.

Are you still creating legal documents in office suite software? You can make documents better!

Knackly helps law offices eliminate errors, save time and produce perfect documents!

If you’re new to automation, we help collect and manage your clients’ variables and place them in proper context within any documents you create.

If you’re already using an automation platform, our friendly interface makes designing and templating cleaner and more straightforward, with powerful features to:

  • Integrate videos and images
  • “Recycle” objects across any documents, designing them only once
  • Conduct remote, intelligent interviews to collect client information

If we’re a good fit for your firm, let’s find out right away! Click below to set up a Walk-Through to see how Knackly can automate your document creation workflow to save your time, money and peace of mind!